Leipzig 1813

Marshal Enterprises La Bataille de Leipzig 1813 ©

Marshal Enterprises La Bataille de Leipzig 1813 ©

Rules, Scenarios, charts and game aides to command the forces of the French Republic and the Coalition forces of Russia, Prussia and Austria Published October 2013

La Bataille de Leipzig 1813

Marshal Enterprises Household

La Bataille de Leipzig 1813!

Autumn of 2013

Citizens and you Despots who oppose the revolution…

Thank you for your purchase of La Bataille de Leipzig 1813! This season commemorates the bicentennial of that great conflict, which was the largest battle in the

history of the world until World War I. The battle itself was really seven individual battles, only remotely interconnected, and we have created the mechanism to join all of them together with our Victory Matrix . We trust you will enjoy our game. This is our first commercial effort in many decades, but this labor of the Household has actually been years in the making, and in fact, it was first play-tested in 1980. There are seven full size (22 x 34) maps of Saxony, featuring both the Northern and Southern fronts of the battle on 16 October, 1813. In addition, there are 2500 full color counters; organizational charts; updated Premier Rules ; special rules; player aids; historical commentary; discussions of the differences in the armies; and of course the insight into the period that has been a trademark of the Household for over 35 years. This is a limited edition printing of just 400 copies. Each game has been numbered and registered with the Household when sold. There will be no reprints; and you can be sure you are an individual of status and position as you hold your copy. The package includes 20 scenarios: each of which can be played individually-- most on a single map area. If you decide to play the entire battle all at once, there is a 36 square foot playing surface. Additionally, there is a means to play each scenario area in succession and record your results to calculate an overall victory status for the entire battle on the 16 October, 1813. We call it our Victory Matrix . As has been our custom, the entire battle can be set up and played in a long weekend if you call a levee en mass and assemble ten or twelve players. We have done everything in our power to keep the cost of this commercial effort at a minimum. For all practical purposes, the game is almost twice the physical size of any recently published La Bataille . During the past year, we have been asked, how much will it cost? and we are proud that we have been able to present you with a game under $200. The future will bring new titles to you from Marshal Enterprises . Following Leipzig , the ME website (labataille.me) will present additional scenarios for the battles on October 16, 1813. Of course, we have our Recession Series games at no charge on the website as well as several other features. We have discussed several possibilities for additional battles such as First Liebertwolkwitz; the battles on the 17 th and 18 th; as well as some of the other actions with the Coalition’s Armies of the North and Poland. On the board for our next effort is either Friedland or Aspern-Essling. These are straight-forward slugfests where the enemies of Justice go toe-to-toe with some of the best French formations and Imperial leaders of the age. Again, you will find the entire battle in the box to be played as a monster game, as well as single scenarios that can be played one-on-one in 4 or 5 hours of real time.

Thank you again for your purchase.

Bon Chance Mes Amis ! Fate favors the brave, resourceful and audacious!

Marshal Enterprises Household October 16, 2013

Monte D. Mattson Dennis A. Spors James G. Soto

Marshal Enterprises is a creative consortium of game designers and cultural commentators who remain the surviving designers of the original La Bataille system and are dedicated to the study and celebration of the Age of Napoleon and the Age of Revolution. Marshal Enterprises consists of Monte D. Mattson; Dennis A. Spors and James G. Soto. In addition to designing La Bataille deLeipzig 1813, ME received the Charles S. Roberts Award in 2011 for The Battle of Halle (aka La Bataille de Halle) for the best Print and Play game. Their website is at labataille.me

Emperor of the French Napoleon I

General de Division Georges Mouton, Comte de Lobau

General de Division Armand-Augustin-Louis, Marquis de Caulaincourt

General de Division Louis-Marie-Joseph Maximilian Caffarelli du Falga

General de Division Antoine Drouot Maréchal d’Empire Berthier, Prince de Neuchatel

General de Division Gourgaud

General de Division Monthion Général de

Division Comte Sorbier

Southern Front Commander Mar é chal d ’ Empire JoachimMurat, Roi de Naples

GdD Augustin-Daniel Comte Belliard GdB Malczawski

Northern Front Commander Marechal d ’ Empire Michel Ney, Prince de la Moscowa GdD Count Louis Samuel Albert D é sir é Bechet de Levcour

Garde Imperiale

1ere Infantrie Division de la Vieille Garde Général de division Friant

1ere Chasseur à Pied 2e Chasseur à Pied 1ere Grenadier à Pied 2e Grenadier à Pied

1ere Vieille Garde Batterie à Pied 2e Vieille Garde Batterie à Pied

2e Infantrie Division de la Vieille Garde Général de division Curial

Fusilier Chasseur Fusilier Grenadier Velites de Turin Velites de Florence

Page 1 of 30 La Bataille ME – Leipzig 1813

1/Saxon Guard Regiment 2/Westphalian Guard Fusilier Regiment

10e Jeune Garde Batterie à Pied 14e Jeune Garde Batterie à Pied

I Corps d'Armee de la Jeune Garde Mar é chal d ’ Empire Nicolas Oudinot, Duc de Reggio GdB Lacoste 1ere Infantrie Division de la Jeune Garde Général de division Pacthod 1ere Voltigeur

2e Voltigeur 3e Voltigeur 4e Voltigeur 11e Voltigeur 11e Tirailleur

1ere Jeune Garde Batterie à Pied 2e Jeune Garde Batterie à Pied 8e Jeune Garde Batterie à Pied

3e Infantrie Division de la Jeune Garde Général de division Decouz

5e Voltigeur 6e Voltigeur 7e Voltigeur 8e Voltigeur 9e Voltigeur 10e Voltigeur 12e Voltigeur

9e Jeune Garde Batterie à Pied 11e Jeune Garde Batterie à Pied 13e Jeune Garde Batterie à Pied

II Corps d'Armee de la Jeune Garde Mar é chal d ’ Empire Edouard Mortier, Duc de Trevise GdB Lapointe 2e Infantrie Division de la Jeune Garde Général de division Barrois 1ere Tirailleur

2e Tirailleur 3e Tirailleur 4e Tirailleur 5e Tirailleur 6e Tirailleur

3e Jeune Garde Batterie à Pied 4e Jeune Garde Batterie à Pied

Page 2 of 30 La Bataille ME – Leipzig 1813

12e Jeune Garde Batterie à Pied

4e Infantrie Division de la Jeune Garde Général de division Roguet

Flanquer-Chasseur Flanquer-Grenadier

7e Tirailleur 8e Tirailleur 9e Tirailleur 10e Tirailleur

5e Jeune Garde Batterie à Pied 6e Jeune Garde Batterie à Pied 7e Jeune Garde Batterie à Pied

Artillerie de la Garde Général Dulauloy

3e Vieille Garde Batterie à Pied 4e Vieille Garde Batterie à Pied 5e Vieille Garde Batterie à Pied 6e Vieille Garde Batterie à Pied

1ere Vieille Garde Batterie Batterie à Cheval 2e Vieille Garde Batterie Batterie à Cheval Berg Batterie à Cheval Garde Cavalrie Corps: G é n é ral de division Etienne Comte Nansouty GdB Letort 1ere Cavalrie Division de la Garde Général de division d'Ornano Berg Lancer Regiment de la Garde 2e Chevauléger-lancier Hollandaise de la Garde

Empress Dragoon de la Jeune Garde 6e Vieille Garde Batterie à Cheval

2e Cavalrie Division de la Garde Général de division Léfèbvre-Desnoëttes 1ere Chevauléger-lancier Polonaise de la Jeune Garde

Chasseurs a Cheval de la Jeune Garde Grenadiers à Cheval de la Jeune Garde 5e Vieille Garde Batterie à Cheval

3e Cavalrie Division de la Garde Général de division Walther 1ere Chevauléger-lancier Polonaise de la Vieille Garde 4e Gardes d'Honneur Chasseurs à Cheval de la Vieille Garde 1ere Gardes d'Honneur Empress Dragoon de la Vieille Garde 2e Gardes d'Honneur

Page 3 of 30 La Bataille ME – Leipzig 1813

Grenadiers à Cheval de la Vieille Garde 3e Gardes d'Honneur Mamelucs Gendarmes d’Elite 4e Vieille Garde Batterie à Cheval 3e Vieille Garde Batterie à Cheval

II Corps d'Armee Mar é chal d ’ Empire Claude Victor-Perrin, Duc de Belluno Chief-of-Staff Col. Louis-Huguet Chateau

4e Infantrie Division: Général de division Dubreton

24e Légère Infantrie 19e Ligne Infantrie 37e Ligne Infantrie 56e Ligne Infantrie

7e Co/2e Batterie à Pied 11e Co/4e Batterie à Pied

5e Infantrie Division Général de division Dufour 26e Légère Infantrie 93e Ligne Infantrie 1/46e Ligne Infantrie 1/72e Ligne Infantrie 13e Co/5e Batterie à Pied 12e Co/8e Batterie à Pied

6e Infantrie Division Général de division Vial

11e Ligne Infantrie 4e Ligne Infantrie 2e Ligne Infantrie 18e Ligne Infantrie

25e Co/3e Batterie à Pied 26e Co/3e Batterie à Pied 24e Co/3e Batterie à Pied 1ere Co / 2e Batterie à Cheval

III Corps d'Armee G é n é ral de division Joseph Comte Souham Chief-of-Staff General de Brigade Tarayre

8e Infantrie Division Général de division Brayer

6e Légère Infantrie 16e Légère Infantrie 40e Ligne Infantrie

Page 4 of 30 La Bataille ME – Leipzig 1813

28e Légère Infantrie 22e Ligne Infantrie 59e Ligne Infantrie 69e Ligne Infantrie

10e Co/2e Batterie à Pied 5e Co/9e Batterie à Pied

9e Infantrie Division General de Division Antoine-Guillaume Maurailhac d’Elmas de La Costa

2e/3e Provisoire Infantrie 4e/3e Provisoire Infantrie

29e Légère Infantrie 136e Ligne Infantrie 138e Ligne Infantrie 145e Ligne Infantrie

2e Co/9e Batterie à Pied 11e Co/9e Batterie à Pied

11e Infantrie Division Général de division Ricard

9e Ligne Infantrie 50e Ligne Infantrie 65e Ligne Infantrie 142e Ligne Infantrie 144e Ligne Infantrie

19e Co/7e Batterie à Pied 5e Co/9e Batterie à Pied

III Corps Reserve Artillerie 18e Co/7e Batterie à Pied 6e Co/9e Batterie à Pied 5e Co/11e Batterie à Cheval

23e Rheinbund Cavalrie Brigade General de Brigade Frederic-Auguste, Baron Beurmann, 10e Hussar Regiment 1ere Baden Dragoon Regiment von Freystadt

IV Corps d'Armee General de division Henri-Gatien Comte Bertrand Chief-of-Staff General de Brigade Marie-Joseph-Raymond Delort

12e Infantrie Division General de division Morand

8e Légère Infantrie 13th Ligne Infantrie 23rd Ligne Infantrie 137th Ligne Infantrie

1ere Co. / 2e Batterie à Pied 3e Co / 2e Batterie à Pied

Page 5 of 30 La Bataille ME – Leipzig 1813

15e Italien Division General de division Fontanelli 1e Italien Légère Regiment 6e Italien Ligne Battalion 1e Italien Ligne Battalion 4e Italien Ligne Battaliont Milan Guard 1ere Italien Batterie à Pied

38e Wurttemberg Division Generalleutnant Franquemont

1ere Wurttemberg Combined Light Battalion 1ere Wurttemberg Combined Line Battalion 2e Wurttemberg Combined Line Battalion 3e Wurttemberg Combined Line Battalion

IV Corps Reserve Artillerie 6 Co /2e Batterie à Pied

24e Légère Cavalry Brigade: Generalmajor von Jett

lere Württemberg Chevauléger Regiment"Prinz Adam" 3e Württemberg Chevauléger Regiment "Herzog Ludwig" Württemberg Batterie à Cheval

29e Légère Cavalry Brigade General de brigade Wolff Westphalian Chevauléger Hesse-Darmstadt Chevauléger

V Corps d'Armee G é n é ral de division Jacques-Alexandre-Bernard-Law Marquis de Lauriston Chief-of-Staff: General de Brigade Baillot

10e Infantrie Division Général de division Albert 4/5e Légère Infantrie 4/12e Légère Infantrie

139e Ligne Infantrie 140e Ligne Infantrie 141e Ligne Infantrie

3e Co/ 7e Artillerie à Pied 4e Co/ 7e Artillerie à Pied

16e Infantrie Division Général de division Maison

Page 6 of 30 La Bataille ME – Leipzig 1813

Brigade: Général de brigade Mandeville 152e Ligne Infantrie 153e Ligne Infantrie 154e Ligne Infantrie

1ere Co/ 1ere Artillerie à Pied 3e Co/ 1ere Artillerie à Pied

19e Infantrie Division Général de division Rochambeau

135e Ligne Infantrie 149e Ligne Infantrie 150e Ligne infantrie 155e Ligne infantrie

12e Co/5e Artillerie à Pied 17e Co/ 5e Artillerie à Pied

V Corps Reserve Artillerie 16e Co/1ere Artillerie à Pied 17e Co/1ere Artillerie à Pied 2e Co/5e Artillerie à Cheval 7e Co/ 6e Artillerie à Cheval

6e Légère Cavalrie Brigade Général de brigade Dermoncourt

2e Chasseur à Cheval 3e Chasseur à Cheval 6e Chasseur a Cheval

VI Corps d'Armee Marechal d ’ Empire Auguste-Fr é d é ric-Louis-Viesse de Marmont, Duc de Ragusa Chief-of-Staff General de Brigade Richemont

20e Infantrie Division GdD Jean-Dominique Compans

32e Légère Infantrie 1ere Marin Infantrie 3e Marin Infantrie

99e Provisoire Ligne Infantrie 121e Provisoire Ligne Infantrie 47e Provisoire Ligne Infantrie 86e Provisoire Ligne Infantrie 16e Co / 5e Batterie à Pied 10e Co / 8e Batterie à Pied

21e Infantrie Division GdD Joseph Lagrange 37e Légère Infantrie 4e Marine Infantrie

Page 7 of 30 La Bataille ME – Leipzig 1813

Joseph Napoleon Ligne Infantrie 2e Marin Infantrie

10e Co / 4e Batterie à Pied 18e Co / 5e Batterie à Pied

22e Infantrie Division GdD Jean-Parfait Friedrichs 23e Légère Infantrie 4e Provisoire Ligne Infantrie 14e Provisoire Ligne Infantrie 16e Provisoire Ligne Infantrie 62e Provisoire Ligne Infantrie

15e Line Infantrie 70e Ligne Infantrie 121e Ligne Infantrie

26e Provisoire Ligne Infantrie 82e Provisoire Ligne Infantrie 14e Co / 4e Batterie à Pied 22e Co / 9e Batterie à Pied

VI Corps Reserve Artillery GdD Foucher de Careil

26e Co / 5e Batterie à Pied 9e Co / 7e Batterie à Pied 3e Co / 5e Batterie à Pied 1ere Co / 1ere Batterie à Cheval 3e Co / 4e Batterie à Cheval 25e Legere Cavalrie Brigade GM von Normann Wurttemberg 2e Chevaulégers Wurttemberg 4e Chevaulégers

VIII Corps d'Armee Marechal d ’ Empire Prince Jozef Poniatowski Minister of War of the Grand Duchy of Warsaw Chief of Staff General de Division Aleksander Rozniecki

26e Polska Infantrie Division G é n é ral de division Kamienecki Vistula Legion Regiment

1ere Polska Infantrie 16e Polska Infantrie 8e Polska Infantrie 15e Polska Infantrie 12e Polska Infantrie 14e Polska Infantrie

27 e Polska Infantrie Division General de Division Jan Henryk Dabrowski

Page 8 of 30 La Bataille ME – Leipzig 1813

2e Polska Infantrie 4e Polska Infantrie

VIII Corps Artillerie 1ere Polska Batterie à Pied 2e Polska Batterie à Pied 3e Polska Batterie à Pied 4e Polska Batterie à Pied 5e Polska Batterie à Pied 6e Polska Batterie à Pied

18e Legere Cavalrie Brigade Général de brigade Krukowiecki 2e Polska Uhlan Regiment 4e Polska Chasseur à Cheval Regiment

27e Legere Cavalrie Brigade G é n é ral de brigade Uminski 14e Polska Kuirassier Regiment Krakus Kavalrie Regiment

IX Corps d'Armee Mar é chal d ’ Empire Pierre-Francios-Charles Augereau, Duc de Castiglione Chief-of-Staff General de Division Monthion

51ere Infantrie Division Général de brigade Lagarde 2/25e Légère Infantrie 4/32e Légère Infantrie 2/63e Ligne Infantrie 3/10e Légère Infantrie 2/21e Légère Infantrie 3/32e Ligne Infantrie 2/58e Ligne Infantrie 22e Co/1ere Batterie à Pied 5e Co/2e Batterie à Pied 21e Co/2e Batterie à Pied 52nd Division Général de division Semele 2/17e Légère Infantrie 4/29e Légère Infantrie 2/39e Ligne Infantrie 6/121ere Ligne Infantrie 6/122e Ligne Infantrie 2/86e Ligne Infantrie 25e Co/5e Batterie à Pied 26e Co/5e Batterie à Pied

Page 9 of 30 La Bataille ME – Leipzig 1813

XI Corps d'Armee Marechal d ’ Empire Etienne-Jacques-Joseph-Alexandre MacDonald, Duc de Tarente Chief-of-Staff General de Brigade Louis-Sebastien Baron Grundler

31e Infantrie Division Général de division Ledru 6/20e Ligne Infantrie 4/102e Ligne Infantrie

5e Ligne Infantrie 11e Ligne Infantrie

8. Westphalian Linie Regiment 4. Westphalian Liecht Battalion Neapolitan Elite Regiment 4e Neapolitan Leggio 5e Co/ 1ere Batterie à Pied 1ere Westphalian Batterie à Pied 2e Westphalian Batterie à Pied 35e Infantrie Division Général de division Gérard 6e Ligne Infantrie 112e Ligne Infantrie 2e Italienne Legere 5e Italienne Infantrie 3e Italienne Batterie à Pied 1ere Italienne Batterie à Cheval

36th Infantrie Division Général de division Charpentier

22e Légère Infantrie 10e Ligne Infantrie 3e Légère Infantrie 14e Légère Infantrie 19e Co/2e Batterie à Pied

39th Infantrie Division Général de division Marchand

1. Baden Linie Regiment 3. Baden Linie Regiment Hesse-Darmstadt Guard Fusilier Battalion Hesse-Darmstadt Leibgarde Regiment Hesse-Darmstadt Leib Infantry Regiment 1ere Baden Batterie à Pied

Page 10 of 30 La Bataille ME – Leipzig 1813

2e Baden Batterie à Pied

XI Corp Reserve Artillerie 6e Co/ 1ere Batterie à Pied 8e Co/ 1ere Batterie à Pied 9e Co/ 1ere Batterie à Pied

28e Legere Cavalrie Brigade Général de brigade Montbrun 4e Italian Chasseur à Cheval 2e Neapolitan Chasseur à Cheval

Independent Formations Infantrie Division Margaron (Leipzig Garrison) General de division Margaron

1/36e Legere Infantrie 4/35e Legere Infantrie 1/132e Ligne 138e Ligne

2/96e Ligne 2/103e Ligne

1ere Cavalrie Provisoire Regiment 2e Cavalrie Provisoire Regiment 6e Co /10e Regt Batterie à Cheval

Fixé Batterie Nord Fixé Batterie Centre Fixé Batterie Sud

Baden Brigade Generalleutnant von Hochberg Baden Lingg Jager Battalion 2e Baden Line Regiment Baden Batterie à Pied

Infantrie Division Lefol Général de division Lefol 1ere Erfurt Battalion 2e Erfurt Battalion 2/54e Ligne Infantrie 29th Légère Infantrie 6/25th Ligne Infantrie

Reserve Cavalrie Corps Marechal Murat

Iere Cavalrie Corps d'Armee G é n é ral de division Marie-Victor de Fay, Marquis de Latour-Maubourg General de Brigade Matheiu

1ere Légère Cavalrie Division:

Page 11 of 30 La Bataille ME – Leipzig 1813

Général de division Berckheim 16e Chasseur à Cheval 1ere Chevauléger-lancier 3e Chevauléger-lancier 5e Chevauléger-lancier 8e Chevauléger-lancier 1ere Italian Chasseur à Cheval

2e Légère Cavalrie Division Général de division Corbineau

6e Hussar 7e Hussar 8e Hussar

3e Légère Cavalrie Division Général de division Chastel 8e Chasseur à Cheval 9e Chasseur à Cheval 25e Chasseur à Cheval 1ere Chasseur à Cheval 19e Chasseur à Cheval

1ere Grosse Cavalrie Division Général de division Bordesoulle

2e Cuirassier 3e Cuirassier 6e Cuirassier 9e Cuirassier 11e Cuirassier 12e Cuirassier

Sassen Garde Cuirassier Sassen Zastrow Cuirassier

3e Grosse Cavalrie Division Général de division Doumerc 4e Cuirassier 7e Cuirassier 14e Cuirassier Italienne Napoleon Dragoon 7e Dragoon

23e Dragoon 28e Dragoon 30e Dragoon

Corps Artillery 6e Co/3e Batterie à Cheval 3e Co/1ere Batterie à Cheval 1ere Co/6e Batterie à Cheval 1ere Co/4e Batterie à Cheval 3e Sassen Batterie à Cheval

Page 12 of 30 La Bataille ME – Leipzig 1813

II Cavalrie Corps d'Armee G é n é ral de division Horace Sebastiani General de Brigade Lascours 2e Légère Cavalrie Division Général de division Roussel d'Hurbal 4e Chevauléger-lancier

5e Hussar 9e Hussar

2e Chevauléger-lancier 11e Chasseur à Cheval 12e Chasseur à Cheval 7e Co/4e Batterie à Cheval

4e Légère Cavalrie Division Général de division Exelmann

6e Chevauléger-lancier 4e Chasseur à Cheval 7e Chasseur à Cheval 20e Chasseur à Cheval 23e Chasseur à Cheval 24e Chasseur à Cheval 11e Hussar

2e Grosse Cavalrie Division: Général de division St.-Germain 1ere Carabinier

2e Carabinier 1ere Cuirassier

5e Cuirassier 8e Cuirassier 10e Cuirassier 8e Co/6e Batterie à Cheval

III Cavalrie Corps d'Armee GdD Jean-Toussaint Arrighi de Casanova General de Brigade Salel

5e Légère Cavalrie Division GdD Jean-Thomas-Guillaume Lorge

5e Chasseurs à Cheval 10e Chasseurs à Cheval 13e Chasseurs à Cheval 15e Chasseurs à Cheval

Page 13 of 30 La Bataille ME – Leipzig 1813

21 e Chasseurs à Cheval 22e Chasseurs à Cheval 5 e Co / 5 e Batterie à Cheval 6th Légère Cavalrie Division GdD Francouis-Louis Fournier 29e Chasseurs à Cheval 2e Hussars 4e Hussars 1ere / 5e Batterie à Cheval

4e Grosse Cavalrie Division GdD Jean-Marie-Antoine Defrance

4e Dragoon 5e Dragoon 12e Dragoon 16e Dragoon 17e Dragoon 21e Dragoon

IV Cavalrie Corps d'Armee G é n é ral de division Michal Sokolnicki

7e Légère Cavalrie Division Général de division Sokolnicki 1ere Polska Chasseur à Cheval 3e Polska Uhlan 2e Polska Batterie à Cheval 4e Polska Batterie à Cheval

8e Légère Cavalrie Division Général de division Sulkowski

6e Polska Uhlan 8e Polska Uhlan

1ere Polska Batterie à Cheval 3e Polska Batterie à Cheval

V Cavalry Corps d'Armee G é n é ral de division Claude-Pierre Comte Pajol General de brigade Klicki

9e Légère Cavalrie Division Général de division Pire 3e Hussar

27e Chasseur à Cheval 14e Chasseur à Cheval 26e Chasseur à Cheval

5e Grosse Cavalrie Division Général de division l'Héritier

Page 14 of 30 La Bataille ME – Leipzig 1813

2e Dragoon 6e Dragoon 11e Dragoon 13e Dragoon 15e Dragoon

6e Grosse Cavalrie Division Général de division Milhaud 18e Dragoon 19e Dragoon 20e Dragoon 22e Dragoon 25e Dragoon 5e Co/3e Batterie à Cheval


Alexander I, Tsar of all the Russias

Kaiser von Oesterreich Franz I (II)

K ö nig von Preu ßen , Frederick Wilhem III

General of Cavalrie Volkowski

General of Artillery Weyother

v Knesebeck,Chief of Staff to the Koenig

Baron Jomini

Page 15 of 30 La Bataille ME – Leipzig 1813

Armee von Böhmen Headquarters Guard and Escort Ingremannland Dragoon Regiment Kireva Don Cossaques Platov #4 Don Cossaques Popov #3 Don Cossaques Tabounetchikov Don Cossaques Vologda Opolochenie Armee von Böhmen General Prinz Karl Schwarzenberg FML Radetzky, Chief of Staff FML Trapp FML Langenau Russian Contingent General of Cavalry Barclay de Tolly Sabanerv, Chief of Staff General of Artillery, Jachwill

Central Wing Commander General of Cavalry Wittgenstein Lt General Toll, Chief of Staff

1st Russian Corps Generallieutenant Prince Gorchakov Generalmajor Winstoff, Chief of Staff

5th Division Generalmajor Mezentzov Sievesk Infantry Regiment Kalouga Infantry Regiment Perm Infantry Regiment Mohilev Infantry Regiment Guard Battalion Grand Duchess Catherine Pavlovna

23rd J ä ger Regiment 24th J ä ger Regiment

14th Division Generalmajor Helfreich Tenguinsk Infantry Regiment Estonia Infantry Regiment

25th Jäger Regiment 26th Jäger Regiment

1st Russian Corps Artillery Brigade Position Battery #3

Page 16 of 30 La Bataille ME – Leipzig 1813

Light Battery #6 Light Battery #7

2nd Russian Corps Prince Eugene of Württemberg Colonel Reibnitz, Chief of Staff 3rd Division Generalmajor Schachafskoi Mourman Infantry Regiment Revel Infantry Regiment Tchernigov Infantry Regiment Selenguinsk Infantry Regiment 4th Division Generalmajor Puschnitzki Krementchug Infantry Regiment Minsk Infantry Regiment 4th Jäger Regiment Tobolsk Infantry Regiment Volhynie Infantry Regiment 34th Jäger Regiment 2nd Russian Corps Artillery Brigade Position Battery #5 Position Battery #13 Attached Russian Cavalry Generallieutenant Count Pahlen III Grodno Hussar Regiment Soum Hussar Regiment Tchougouiev Uhlan Regiment Loubny Hussar Regiment Grekov #8 Cossack Regiment Illowaiski #12 Don Cossack Regiment Rodinov #2 Don Cossack Regiment Russian Reserve Grand Duke Constantine Generalmajor Kryschanovski, Chief of Staff 3rd "Grenadier" Corps Generallieutenant Raeyski Generalmajor Kniasnin, Chief of Staff 20th Jäger Regiment 21st Jäger Regiment Light Battery #27 Horse Battery #18 Horse Battery #19

1st Grenadier Division

Page 17 of 30 La Bataille ME – Leipzig 1813

Generalmajor Pissarev Ekaterinoslav Grenadier Regiment Arakcheyev Grenadier Regiment St. Petersburg Grenadier Regiment Tauride Grenadier Regiment Pernau Grenadier Regiment Kexholm Grenadier Regiment

2nd Grenadier Division Generalmajor Tchoglokov Kiev Grenadier Regiment

Moscow Grenadier Regiment Astrakhan Grenadier Regiment Fangoria Grenadier Regiment Siberia Grenadier Regiment Little Russia Grenadier Regiment 3rd Grenadier Corps Artillery Brigade Position Battery #30 Position Battery #33 Light Battery #14 V Corps Imperial Life Guard Generallieutenant Yermolov Generalmajor Potemkin, Chief of Staff Preobragenski Guard Infantry Regiment Semenovski Guard Infantry Regiment Ismailov Guard Infantry Regiment Guard J ä ger Infantry Regiment 2nd Guard Division Generalmajor Udom Lithuania Guard Infantry Regiment Guard Grenadier Regiment Finland Guard Infantry Regiment Pavlov Guard Grenadier Regiment 5th Imperial Guard Artillery Brigade 1st Guard Position Battery 2nd Guard Position Battery 1st Guard Division Generalmajor Baron Rosen

3rd Guard Light Battery 4th Guard Light Battery 1st Guard Horse Battery 2nd Guard Horse Battery 3rd Guard Horse Battery

Page 18 of 30 La Bataille ME – Leipzig 1813

Imperial Life Guard Cavalry Corps Generallieutenant Prinz Gallitzin Generalmajor Arseniev Chief of Staff

Imperial Life Guard Light Cavalry Division Generallieutenant Schevich

Guard Hussar Regiment Guard Dragoon Regiment Guard Uhlan Regiment Guard Cossack Regiment

1st Russian Cuirassier Division Generallieutenant Depreradovich Chevalier Guard Regiment Horse Guard Regiment Emperor Guard Cuirassier Regiment Empress Guard Cuirassier Regiment 2nd Russian Cuirassier Division Generallieutenant Kretov Astrakhan Cuirassier Regiment Ekaterinoslav Cuirassier Regiment

Gluchov Cuirassier Regiment Pekov Cuirassier Regiment

3rd Russian Cuirassier Division Generallieutenant Duka Military Order Cuirassier Regiment Little Russia Cuirassier Regiment Novgorod Cuirassier Regiment Starodoub Cuirassier Regiment

Russian Reserve Artillery: Count Arakcheyev Position Battery

Position Battery #1 Position Battery #2 Position Battery #10 Position Battery #29 Horse Battery #1 Horse Battery #3 Horse Battery #10 Horse Battery #16 Horse Battery #23

Platov Cossaques Generallieutenant Count Platov Tcharnusubov #5 (Kostina) Cossack Regiment Black Sea Cossack Regiment #1

Page 19 of 30 La Bataille ME – Leipzig 1813

Sluysarev Cossack Regiment Schaltanovka Don Cossack Regiment Illowaiski #10 Don Cossack Regiment Rebrejev #2 Cossack Regiment Grekov #21 Don Cossack Regiment

Preußische Garde Infantrie Brigade Oberstlieutenant von Alvensleben

1st Garde zu Fuss 2nd Garde zu Fuss Garde Jäger Battalion 4. Garde Fußartillerie

Preußische Garde Kavallrie Brigade Ob. Laroche von Starkenfels Garde du Corps Leichte Garde Kavallerie Regiment 4. Garde Batterie reitende Artillerie

Austrian Contingent

1st Eintheilung Feldmarschal-lieutenant F ü rst Moritz Liechtenstein Jäger Battalion #1 Jäger Battalion #2 Kaiser Chevauleger Regiment No. 1 3pdr Brigade Battery 1/Brooder Grenz Regiment No. 7 Jäger Battalion #7 Levenehr Dragoon Regiment No. 4 Vincent Chevauleger Regiment No. 4 6pdr Cavalry Battery 2nd Army Abteilung General der Kavallerie Graf Meerfeldt GM von Longueville, Chief of Staff 1/Gradiscaner Grenz Regiment Kienmeyer Hussar Regiment Erzherzog Johann Dragoon Regiment 6pdr Brigade Battery Strauch Infantry Regiment Graf Bellegarde Infantry Regiment 6pdr Brigade Battery 2nd Division Feldmarschal-lieutenant Furst Liechtenstein Kaunitz Infantry Regiment 1st Division Feldmarschal-lieutenant Ignaz Lederer

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W. Colloredo Infantry Regiment 6pdr Brigade Battery Vogelsang Infantry Regiment Vogelsang Landwehr Reuss Greitz Infantry Regiment 4/Erzherzog Rainer Landwehr 6pdr Brigade Battery (8 guns) 2nd Army Abteilung Artillery Reserve 1 12pdr Position Battery 2 6pdr Foot Batteries 1st Division Feldmarschal-lieutenant Crenneville Warasdiner Kreuzer Grenz Regiment Warasdiner St. George Grenz Regiment Klenau Chevauleger Regiment Rosenberg Chevauleger Regiment 6pdr Cavalry Battery 2nd Division Feldmarschal-lieutenant Murray Erzherzog Ludwig Infantry Regiment Würzburg Infantry Regiment 6pdr Brigade Battery Mariassy Infantry Regiment Ignatz Gyulai Infantry Regiment 6pdr Brigade Battery 3rd Army Abteilung Feldzeugmeister Graf I. Gyulai GM von Lovenwarth

3rd Division Feldmarschal-lieutenant P. von Hessen-Homburg

Kottulinsky Infantry Regiment Kaiser Franz Infantry Regiment 6pdr Brigade Battery Kollowrath Infantry Regiment Fr ö hlich Infantry Regiment 6pdr Brigade Battery

3rd Army Abteilung Artillery Reserve 2 6pdr Foot Batteries

4th Army Abteilung General der Kavallerie Graf J. Klenau GM von Schaeffer, Chiel of Staff

1st Division

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Feldmarschal-lieutenant Freiherr Mohr 1st Wallachen Grenz Regiment Wallachen-Illyrian Grenz Regiment Hohenzollern Chevauleger Regiment Palatinal Hussar Regiment Erzherzog Ferdinand Hussar Regiment 2 6pdr Brigade Batteries

2nd Division Feldmarschal-lieutenant F ü rst Hohenlohe-Bartenstein J. Colloredo Infantry Regiment Zach Infantry Regiment 6pdr Brigade Battery

W ü rttemberg Infantry Regiment Lindeneau Infantry Regiment 6pdr Brigade Battery 3rd Division Feldmarschal-lieutenant Mayer Alois Liechtenstein Infantry Regiment Koburg Infantry Regiment 6pdr Brigade Battery Erzherzog Karl Infantry Regiment Kerpen Infantry Regiment 6pdr Brigade Battery Kaiser Cuirassier Regiment O'Reilly Chevauleger Regiment 4th Army Abteilung Artillery Reserve 1 12pdr Foot Battery 6pdr Cavalry Battery

Reserve Army Abteilung General der Kavallerie Erbprinz F. von Hessen-Homburg GM von Furstenwahter

1st Division Feldmarschal-lieutenant Graf Weissenwolf

Grenadier Battalion Czarnotzky Grenadier Battalion Obermeyer Grenadier Battalion Berger Grenadier Battalion Oklopsia 6pdr Brigade Battery Grenadier Battalion Habinay Grenadier Battalion Portner Grenadier Battalion Fischer Grenadier Battalion R ü ber 6pdr Brigade Battery

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2nd Division Feldmarschal-lieutenant Bianchi Hiller Infantry Regiment H.Colloredo-Mansfield Infantry Regiment 6pdr Brigade Battery Hesse-Homburg Infantry Regiment Simbischen Infantry Regiment 6pdr Brigade Battery

Esterhazy Infantry Regiment Davidovich Infantry Regiment 6pdr Brigade Battery

Austrian Kuirassier Korps Feldmarschal-lieutenant Graf Nostitz GM Leonhard von Rothkirch, Chief of Staff Klebelsberg Kuirassier Division Generalmajor Graf Klebelsberg Erzherzog Franz Kuirassier Regiment Kronprinz Ferdinand Kuirassier Regiment Civalart Kuirassier Division Feldmarschal-lieutenant Civalart Herzog Albert Kuirassier Regiment Lothringen Kuirassier Regiment Army Artillerie Abteilung FML Reiszner, 2 - 6pdr Position Batteries 8 - 12pdr Position Batteries 4 - 6pdr Cavalry Batteries Streifkorps von Thielemann Hohenzollern Chevauleger Regiment Klenau Chevauleger Regiment Kienmayer Hussar Regiment 2nd Silesian Hussar Regiment Silesian National Cavalry Regiment Jagodin #2 Cossaques Gorin #2 Cossaques Cossaques Horse Battery Streifkorps Oberst Graf Mensdorf-Pouilly Erzherzog Ferdinand Hussar Regiment Hessen-Homburg Hussar Regiment Gorin #1 Don Cossaques Hohenzollern Kuirassier Regiment Sommariva Kuirassier Regiment

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Illowaiski #10 Don Cossaques

Prussian Contingent ‘ Mit Gott f ü r K ö nig und Vaterland ”

Preu ß es II Armeekorps Generallieutenant von Kleist Ob-Ltn. von Grolmann, Chief of Staff 9. Brigade Generalmajor von Klüx 1. Westpreußisches Infantrie- Regiment 7. Schlesisches Landwehr Infantrie-Regiment 1. Schlesisches Landwehr Kavallrie-Regiment 10. Batterie reitende Artillerie 10. Brigade Generalmajor von Pirch I 2. Westpreußisches Infantrie- Regiment 7. Reserve Infantrie- Regiment 9. Schlesisches Landwehr Infantrie-Regiment 4. Schlesisches Landwehr Kavallrie-Regiment 8. Batterie Fußartillerie 10. Reserve Infantrie-Regiment Schlesische Schützen-Battalion 8. Schlesisches Landwehr Infanterie-Regiment Neumärkisches Dragoner-Regiment 11. Batterie Fußartillerie 12. Brigade Generalmajor August von Preussen 2. Schlesisches Infantrie-Regiment 11. Reserve Infantrie-Regiment 11. Schlesisches Landwehr Infantrie-Regiment Schlesisches Uhlanen-Regiment 13. Batterie Fu ß artillerie 6. Reserve Infantie-Regiment Schlesisches Schützen-Battalion 11. Brigade Generalmajor von Ziethen 1. Schlesisches Infantry- Regiment

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Prussian Reserve Cavalry

Generalmajor von R ö der East Prussian Kuirassier - Regiment Schlesisches Kuirassier-Regiment Brandenburgisches Kuirassier-Regiment 7. Schlesisches Landwehr Kavallrie-Regiment 8. Schlesisches Landwehr Kavallrie-Regiment

7. Batterie reitende Artillerie 8. Batterie reitende Artillerie

Reserve Artilleie Oberst von Braun

3. SchwereBatterie Fußartillerie 6. Schwere Batterie Fußartillerie

1. Batterie Fußartillerie 7. Batterie Fußartillerie 14. Batterie Fußartillerie 21. Batterie Fußartillerie 9. Batterie Fußartillerie

Armee von Schlesien General der Kavallerie Leberecht von Bl ü cher Stabschef GM von Gneisenau, Chief 0f Staff ADC Oberst Graf von der Goltz Preu ß es I Armeekorps Generallieutenant Graf Yorck (von Gostkowski ) ADC Oberst Delius Avant Garde – Oberst von Katzeler Leib-Grenadier -Bataillon Westpreußisches Grenadier-Bataillon Ostpreußisches Jäger-Bataillon Fus./2. Ostpreußisches Infanterie-Regiment 1/Brandenburgisches Linie Infanterie-Regiment 2/12. Reserve Infanterie-Regiment 3/13. Schlesisches Landwehr Infanterie-Regiment 2/14. Schlesiches Landwehr Infanterie-Regiment 4/15. Schlesisches Landwehr Infanterie-Regiment Brandenburgisches Ulanen-Regiment Ostpreußisches National Kavallerie-Regiment 5. Schlesisches Landwehr Kavallerie-Regiment 12. Batterie Fußartillerie 2. Batterie reitende Artillerie

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1. Preußische Brigade Oberst von Steinmetz 1. Ostpreußisches Grenadier-Bataillon Schlesisches Grenadier-Bataillon

5. Schlesisches Landwehr Infanterie-Regiment 13. Schlesisches Landwehr Infanterie-Regiment 2. Leib-Husaren- Regiment 2. Batterie Fußartillerie

2. Preußische Brigade Generalmajor Prinz Carl von Mecklenburg- Strelitz

1. Ostpreußisches Linie-Regiment 2. Ostpreußisches Linie-Regiment

6. Schlesisches Landwehr Infanterie-Regiment 4. Mecklenburg-Strelitzer Husaren-Regiment 1. Batterie Fußartillerie

7. Preußische Brigade Generalmajor von Horn

Leib Infanterie Linie-Regiment Thüringisches Linie-Bataillon

4. Schlesisches Landwehr Infanterie-Regiment 15. Schlesisches Landwehr Infanterie-Regiment 3. Schlesisches Landwehr Kavallerie-Regiment 10. Schlesisches Landwehr Kavallerie-Regiment 3. Batterie Fußartillerie 8. Preußische Brigade Generalmajor von Hünerbein Brandenburgisches Linie Infanterie-Regiment 12. Reserve Infanterie-Regiment 14. Schlesisches Landwehr Infanterie-Regiment Brandenburgisches Husaren-Regiment 15. Batterie Fußartillerie Kavallerie-Reserve Generalmajor Jürgass 1. Westpreußisches Dragoner-Regiment Littauisches Dragoner-Regiment 1. Neumärkisches Landwehr Kavallerie-Regiment 1. Batterie Fußartillerie 3. Batterie reitende Artillerie

Reserve-Artillerie Oberstleutnant von Schmidt 1. Schwere Batterie Fußartillerie

2. Batterie Fußartillerie 24. Batterie Fußartillerie

1. Lichte Batterie Fußartillerie 12. Batterie reitende Artillerie

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Generallieutenant Louis Langeron ADC

VIII Russian Corps Generallieutenant Count Emmanuel

de St.-

Priest ADC Oberst Laurent-Gros

11th Division Generalmajor Prince Gourialov Ekaterinburg Musketeer Regiment

Rilsk Musketerr Regiment Jeletz Musketeer Regiment Polotsk Musketeer Regiment 1st Jäger Regiment 33rd Jäger Regiment

17th Division Generalmajor Pillar

Riazan Musketeer Regiment Bieloserk Musketeer Regiment Wilmanstrand Musketeer Regiment Brest Musketeer Regiment

30th Jäger Regiment 48th Jäger Regiment

Corps Artillery Position Battery #32 Light Battery #32 Light Battery #33

Corps Cavalry Generallieutenant Vassil'shikov

3rd Dragoon Division GM Uschakov - Brigade

Smolensk Dragoon Regiment Kourland Dragoon Regiment

2nd Hussar Division GL Sergei Nikolaievich Lanskoi White Russia Hussar Regiment Akhtyrsk Hussar Regiment Marioupol Hussar Regiment Alexandria Hussar Regiment IX Russian Corps Generallieutenant Olsoviev ADC

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9th Russian Division Generalmajor Udom II

Nacheburg Infantry Regiment Apcheron Infantry Regiment Riajsk Infantry Regiment Iakoutsk Infantry Regiment

10th Jäger Regiment 38th Jäger Regiment

15th Division Generalmajor Kornilov Kourin Infantry Regiment Kolyvan Infantry Regiment Koslov Infantry Regiment Vitebsk Infantry Regiment

12th Jäger Regiment 22nd Jäger Regiment

Position Battery #2 Position Battery #15 Light Battery #3 Light Battery #19

X Russian Corps Generallieutenant Kapzevich ADC

8th Division Generalmajor Count Ourousov Archangle Infantry Regiment Schusselburg Infantry Regiment Old Ingremannland Infantry Regiment

7th Jäger Regiment 36th Jäger Regiment

22nd Division Generalmajor Tourchaninov Viatka Infantry Regiment Staroskol Infantry Regiment Olonetz Infantry Regiment

29th Jäger Regiment 45th Jäger Regiment

Corps Artillery: Position Battery #18 Position Battery #34 Position Battery #39 Light Battery #29

Army of Silesia Cossaque Division

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Generalmajor Karpov II Karpov #2 Cossaque Loukoffkin Cossaque Semencikov #4 Cossaque Kutainikov #4 Cossaque

Designer Note

Given the number of formations and the complexity of the organizations, it is easy to understand why the each side had such difficulty managing the timing and locations of their armies.

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Ihre Notizen……

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Desperate Liaisons: The Polish French Relationship in 1813—An Essay On La Bataille de Wiederitzsch General de Division Jan-Henryk Dombrowski looked out over the horizon from his command post in Klein Wiederitzsch. He saw the Russians of the IX Corps of the Army of Silesia massing and marching up the road ready to attack his battle-hardened, if numerically sparse, 27 th Division of Poles. He knew that earlier in the day, directly to his South, the rest of Blucher’s army had engaged Marshal Marmont in what would be La Bataille de Moekern. Dombrowski’s efforts would be crucial to the defense of Marmont’s position and to the overall management of the French strategic structure. Dombrowski, a Polish national, had started his military career in the service of Saxony as a member of the Elector’s Guard. He was struck by the irony of preparing for a battle in what might be considered the heart of Saxony, where he had started his military career so many years ago. Dombrowski had returned to the Poles as they were finishing up the Wars of Partition in the early 1790’s. He had been promoted to a lieutenant - general in 1794 and was captured by Suvarov in 1795. After his release in 1796, he joined the French army in 1796. He raised a Polish legion to serve in Italy in 1797 and began a successful career on the Italian Peninsula, fighting in many battles and serving in the army of the Cisalpine Republic---the predecessor of the Kingdom of Italy. He served with distinction in Naples (1806); Poland (1807 and 1809) and Russia (1812), where he was wounded at Berezina. As he meditated on his past career, and the many places it had taken him, he realized the desperate position that he, France and Poland were in. He had seen his beloved Poland wiped off the map, and now the French Empire, to whom he had dedicated his martial spirit, was receding quickly after the debacles of 1812 and 1813. Leading the Russians, was a French émigré general, Louis Alexandre Andrault de Langeron, who had left France after the Revolution began in 1789 as a commanding officer of a French royal regiment. As happened so often during the Age of Revolution, this creature of the Ancien Regime, had a successful career fighting for the Russians against the French; Swedes and Turks for more than a generation. His approach of Wiederitzsch was also accompanied by a meditation of his status as a successful Russian general and the irony that he was now participating in what would be the climactic battle of the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. However, he had proceeded down the road towards Wiederitzsch with caution as he was convinced that the master himself, Napoleon, was lurking nearby and ready to pounce on his outnumbered IX Corps with the whole of the Napoleonic reserve, including the Imperial Guard. ( Players’ Notes: this is replicated in the rules with the delayed entry provisions for the Coalition Order of Battle…the Coalition commanders were never comfortable acting alone fearing that they might be the independent detachment devoured by Napoleon’s direct commands). Dombrowski roused himself out of his temporary meditative mode and did what he had done so many times before: he ordered his outnumbered troops to attack the approaching Russians….as what might be expected from the Poles, their attack was ferocious and Langeron wrote in his memoirs that he “believed that Napoleon himself was attacking him.” His cautious approach had been justified in his thinking, because

Marshal Enterprises

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La Bataille de Leipzig 1813

the fury he faced could only be a large French force and not the 2500 or so Poles Dombrowski actually had…… The Desperate Year 1813 1813 was a desperate year for all of Europe: the Empire of the French was still recovering from the catastrophic military; financial and demographic events of the ill - fated Russian Campaign. The various members of the Sixth Coalition, suffering nearly as much as the French in what had been mainly Coalition defeats over the years, also had suffered heavy losses in the so-called War of German Liberation (referred to by some in Marshal Enterprises as the War of German Regression and by others as the War of German Aggression.) Politically, the struggles of 1812 and 1813 had stunned the various German states—there was no reliable guide to which way the wind might be blowing, and past bad experiences with Austrian or Prussian hegemony conflicted with nascent feelings of German nationalism. For every French victory at Bautzen or Dresden, there was a French defeat at Kulm or Dennewitz. The future for the German states, as well as the rest of Europe could be defined as….murky. However, the most desperate of all nations were the Poles. The Poles had made a tremendous psychic and human contribution to the French invasion of Russia in 1812. Depending on which source is cited, the Poles (and their Lithuanian brothers) contributed nearly 100,000 to La Grande Armee in 1812. However, when Prince Poniatowski assembled the remnants of the Polish contingent to Russia in Warsaw in 1813, there were around 5000 troops left. The French (and therefore Polish) position could not support itself east of the Elbe (except in some isolated fortresses) as the harsh winter of 1813 concluded. So the French withdrew from Poland—for the last time, leaving the Poles again subject to partition by the Coalition partners. What were the Poles to do? The Poles knew the Coalition had no place for an independent Poland in their midst, so fate once again threw them together with their French brethren like had happened so often since the French Revolution. Poles, in small groups and detachments, began to assemble with La Grande Armee, and the Poles again proved themselves to be valuable to the French cause throughout the campaigns in Germany in 1813, whether it be as “Polish” national troops, or as direct components of the French army. By the time of the Leipzig cycle of battles in October 1813, however, the French position in Germany again became untenable, and the Poles were again faced with a desperate situation. While the Polish VIII Corps under Poniatowski labored in the southern front of the French army at Leipzig, Dombrowski’s 27 th Division, acting independently and with most of its guns detached to Poniatowski, had been assigned to Ney’s northern wing and were stationed at the twin villages of Wiederitzsch. While Dombrowski had served with distinction in Russia, most of the 27 th Division had served in Spain and were considered an elite or near-elite formation. In 1810, at Fuengirola, the 300 Poles of the 4 th Polish Infantry routed a 4500 man joint Anglo-Spanish force which included the 82 nd and 89 th British regiments and supported by a British naval squadron. The British general commanding the Coalition forces was captured and spent the remainder of the war in French captivity. After striking fear into both the hearts of British and Spaniards alike, the Poles were brought to Germany in an attempt to save the French position in

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La Bataille de Leipzig 1813

Germany. Those Poles, and their leader, Dombrowski were aware that there was no home to return to if the French lost. (PN:The designers of La Bataille de Wiederitzsch have built the desperate nature of the Polish position into the game. Given the long history of antagonism between Poland and Russia, as well as the desperate nature of the Polish existence generally, the designers have increased the likelihood of casualties during any melee’ between Russian infantry and Polish infantry. The casualties have increased by a factor of one- third. The probable addition of casualties will also increase the likelihood of the Poles holding on to Wiederitzsch longer than they should considering the overwhelming superiority in numbers by the Russians.) The Poles were a tough lot at La Bataille de Wiederitzsch, as the Russians would discover. For example, the article on the Polish army in the Napoleonic Wars in the napolun.com website reports that “When under artillery fire some Polish units sat down to lessen their casualties (Borodino, Leipzig, etc).” (PN: the ability of the Poles to withstand artillery bombardment more effectively than others is reflected in the Wiederitzsch Special Rules.) Dombrowski’s division, though small in number, saw significant action on three separate days at Leipzig. Despite taking heavy casualties at Wiederitzsch, the Poles fought again the next day at Gohlis. Then, on the last day of the battle, the much-reduced 27 th Division was the only intact unit on the West side of the Elster. Dombrowski had committed to Napoleon, that his Poles would fight to the last man in trying to preserve the French position. He was almost right as the Poles fought as if they were possessed. While Dombrowski, overwhelmed by Coalition troops, finally surrendered on the afternoon of that day, small detachments of Poles fought to the very end of 19 th , and many escaped, to only fight later in many battles in both 1813 and 1814. The Charnel House Of Wiederitzsch …So the battle was joined by the attack of Dombrowski’s four infantry battalions and two cavalry regiments upon the whole of the Russian IX Corps just outside the twin villages of Wiederitzsch. Confusion reigned---Langeron’s batteries even fired on some Prussians. But then the reality of the numbers started to be felt. The Russians entered Klein Wiederitzsch for the first time as Russians outnumbered Poles by a more than three-to-one factor. But the Poles were able to push them out of the village for the first, but not the last time. The Russians again attacked the village, but now were supported by cavalry on the periphery of the villages. The Coalition cavalry, heavily outnumbering the Polish horsemen, were able to rout one of the Polish regiments and captured a horse battery and 500 men. But then the Polish infantry advanced again and cleared the Russians out the village for the second time. When the battle first started, the French 9 th Division of Delmas was not near Wiederitzsch. However, the French were quickly drawn to the support of Dombrowski. Delmas had fought together with Dombrowski in Italy in 1798, so they had a rapport which assisted both in 1813. Delmas’ division had twice as many men at the 27 th , and while there were a few good units, the division also had weaker provisional troops. (PN: The French troops in the 9 th Division do not have the same strong morale ratings that the Poles do, and in the playtests of the game, have a tendency to melt away once placed in defensive positions. It is likely that the French will go on a morale level before the Poles, even though the Poles are in the battle from the beginning and have

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La Bataille de Leipzig 1813

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